Country Baking Meets Gluten Free

By Christina Sessums

I created this cookbook to bring back childhood memories of food before you were gluten free. I use quality ingredients, and the taste will warm your soul. Follow the 80/20 rule and enjoy in moderation. I wrote this cookbook for real people, doing real baking in real kitchens. No fancy-dancy stuff, just down-home great food you can take to your next party, and keep the secret between us that this is really gluten free! But hurry and get some for yourself before it’s all gone. Yummy Country-Style, Gluten-Free meals like your grandma made!

Note: You will get an AUTOMATED link in your EMAIL to download this EPIC ebook. Check your JUNK folder ‘cuz it may be there. Yep! Unfortunately even legitimate emails get snagged!

Available in PDF ($9.99).