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BM Bundle

Body Balancing & MRT

Inside this bundle:

  • Body Balancing
    • Taught by Kari Soloman – Zyto & Evox Specialist, Stress & Emotional Release, CAHP-BC
    • Finger Meanings
    • Reference Locations
    • Techniques to stop Seizures, Heart Attacks
    • Energy Releasing
    • Points & Sequencing to use to support the body
  • MRT (Muscle Response Testing)
    • Taught by Tery Bigley – CMT, NCTMB, CNHP, CNC, ND, PSc.D
    • What the MRT points are and are not
    • How to do a consultation
    • History of Muscle Response and Dowsing
    • The Biblical approach as to why the body responds
    • Pendulums, an expression of your body talking to you
    • Scientific Facts backing MRT
  • Supporting documents

Body Balancing Overview:

MRT Overview:

Webinar Bundle: BM