The Nature of Natural Health Consultancy

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It’s 06:30 on a Monday morning and your alarm goes off. You groan, bemoan your existence, and check your phone. You hop in and out of the shower, shovel your breakfast mechanically into your mouth, and off you go to your 9 to 5.

For the average person, that’s a pretty standard morning. However, staving off an existential crisis everyday before work shouldn’t be the norm. What most people don’t realise soon enough is that you can—and sometimes should—shift gears in the middle of the freeway in order to get yourself where you need to be. (more…)

What is Integrative Health & Wellness & Why Is It Important?

Integrative health approach can utilize natural remedies

We’ve all heard the term “integrative health” before but how many of us know what it really means? It approaches the whole body aiming for overall well-being, including body, mind, and emotions. 

Read on to learn more about what the integrated health and wellness approach is, what it includes, and the benefits!  (more…)

10 Actionable Tips for Marketing Your Holistic Business

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You’re on a mission. You didn’t just get into business to make money — although that would be a nice side effect of your becoming an entrepreneur. 

You’re here to make the world a better place! 

The holistic health business is a force for good in the world first. But money matters, right? And all the best things in the world still need to be presented to people in some way. 


Why Is Finding a Niche Key to a Successful Health & Wellness Business?

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Spending time creating streamlined, targeted marketing strategies can feel somewhat intimidating when your focus is set on acquiring clients and developing your services.

Great marketing is rarely an innate skill, and with so many online marketing tips sounding anything but intuitive, it’s no wonder that so many health and wellness professionals end up actively avoiding anything to do with it until it’s absolutely necessary. (more…)

Traits of Successful Health & Wellness Entrepreneur

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The risk, the long hours, and the commitment required to become a successful entrepreneur put off all but the most intrepid. It goes without saying this is a special group. It’s an honor and a privilege to serve as coaches and mentors at our Business Academy.

More rare though is the health business founder, the person who’s decided to make a go of their own personal venture, put their career and likely a good share of their financial resources on the line, in order to help other people be well.

The first is just brave. But those who choose a wellness profession can also claim a noble mission.