Ignite Your Passion and Double Your Income

Turn Your Natural Health Passion into a Profitable Business

Stop the Pain Cycle of being Broke
and Burnt Out

  • Establish Moneymaking Referral Programs
  • Learn Effective New Client Strategies
  • Conquer Economical Lead Magnets, Sales Funnels and Marketing Campaigns
  • Ultimately Ignite Your Passion, Double Your Income
Business Academy for Natural Health Practitioners

Who Is It For

Academy EPIC Business Academy

The Natural Health “newbie”

You have certifications and now are ready to turn Professional.  It is YOUR turn now to get paid for your knowledge.

Academy EPIC Business Academy

The Professional

You want to create sustainable income for your family.  You have been in business for a while and feel burned out and tired of being broke.

Academy EPIC Business Academy

The Experienced Practitioner

Your are looking to take your clinical practice to the next level. Whether virtual or brick and mortar, you want a strategy that ensures the next level of success, while still having a personal life.

The Business Academy includes everything you need to ignite your natural health business.

All Modules are On Demand
with Unlimited Lifetime Access.


  • Experienced Professionals training you on what to do next in your Business.
  • A step-by-step roadmap to easily create profitable systems.
  • Clinical Blueprint for a meaningful life while scaling.
  • Optional, Live Support components to ensure your ability for Implementation of this life changing training.


Step 1

Join our Clinical Business Training

Step 2

Watch and Implement the Step-by-Step Roadmap

Step 3

Create a sustainable income and meaningful life.


Academy EPIC Business Academy

Commit to making your business successful

Academy EPIC Business Academy
Academy EPIC Business Academy

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Academy EPIC Business Academy
Academy EPIC Business Academy

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Academy EPIC Business Academy

Get Ready to take your career to the next level!

Academy EPIC Business Academy

The Business Academy Training Program is a sustainable , step-by-step roadmap to gain more clients and while expanding your impact through the 3 Phases of Business. Profitability. Leverage. Scaling.

With 65% of small businesses failing within 10 years, our Market Research scaling method alone will keep you profitable, thus enjoying a sustainable business model.

We know that you want to have financial security. In order to do that, you need a step-by-step road map to ensure you get clients and create a profit. The problem is most business courses are not designed for integrative health Professionals. This makes you feel like a failure that your training will never be successfully used in a profitable career. We believe it is time to get your life back and show those around you it can be done! We understand the pain and frustration, which is why we have helped hundreds Ignite their Passion and Double their Income in the Business Academy.

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