Ignite Your Passion and Double Your Income

Turn Your Natural Health Business into a Six-Figure Income


The Business Academy is an interactive video & online based training program that IGNITES YOUR PASSION and offers a guarantee of doubling your income after completing the full program!

Business Academy for Natural Health Practitioners

What is Phase One?

Whether a new or established practitioner, the Business Academy will challenge you to become your most EPIC self. It’s designed to take the steps toward turning your business into a SIX figure income.

“Phase One” offers 2 giant steps forward with an “easier on the wallet” plan. Far, far more than a “dip your toe” phase, with it you will forge a solid path towards your goal.

Business Academy Online

“From Information to Implementation, Academy Epic Empowers and Equips You for Success.”

Module 1- Niche Clarity Process

*Your Niche can be such A __itch!

You have heard it over and over… Find Your Niche! BUT. You say over and over…I will lose business. OR, I will lose clients.

The reality IS: once you understand what Finding Your Niche is all about, you actually create more Income and help more People get their health back.

We show you how to Claim Your Niche with Purpose & Passion AND Profit!

During our support “Coaching Connection” virtual sessions we GUARANTEE 1:1 support until you NAIL your niche!

Module 2-SOS- Surveying on Success

*Lean-In Statement & *Market Research Project

Reality IS: Nobody really cares about all your Certifications! They want to know HOW can you help them. Once you establish a relationship; then your modality training and certifications provide the credibility. We provide an easy and duplicable template to be able to Professionally tell folks “what you do”. This allows them to Lean In and ask qualified questions in order for you to leverage your time. Further, we provide the blueprint for a Cost-Effective Market Survey. After all, if you are not speaking your Client’s ‘language’… they simply do not hear you! This Module alone will DOUBLE $$ YOUR INCOME!

We work with you during our support “Coaching Connection” virtual sessions to bring together your Survey results and align with your Lean In statement.

Module 3- The FUN-da-mentals

  • A Blueprint for Practice-Infrastructure
  • Steps from Inception to 6 figures, Start Up Compliance Checklist, Billing / Scheduling Software
  • Client Logging/Tracking-Communication Software

Over 100 support documents to guide you into a successful office/practice infrastructure.

Live Virtual connection calls to answer your questions in a timely fashion to ensure you know your ‘next steps’ to being ready to BE open for clients. Even if you have been in ‘business for a while,’ the Compliance checklist is INvaluable for your growth and the scaling of your business.

Module 4- The 3 Phases of Biz Overview

  • Avoid Pitfalls of Scaling & Advertising

This enables you to create an Actual Strategy TO reach the next level of business success; versus stocking up on a bunch-of-product that doesn’t sell.


Module 5- Packages and Programs

  • The Referral Program
  • Program Name and Structuring
  • Marketing Swipe File
  • Credibility Challenge

We all start out asking questions:
1) How much do I charge?
2) How do you create programs/ packages?
3) What is the difference between a program and a package?…
and more.

Established businesses FAIL to recognize the collaboration component of successful programs.

The ‘Solo-preuners’ lack the roadmap for leverage time and success, instead experiencing
burn-out trying to do it all themselves.

We work with you during our support “Coaching Connection” virtual sessions to bring together to ensure you have the MOST profitable programs. It is all about Leveraging your TIME while sharing your Genius.

Module 6 – Packages and Programs- 1 Day VIRTUAL Training

  • Creating Your Personalized Results-Driven Client Programs and Packages
  • Completed Blue-Print of the Structure, Pricing, Compliance and Delivery Method

An integrated Virtual Training Workshop #1. NO Power-Point lectures. NO boring environment, NOPE- You Walk away ENERGIZED and most importantly EQUIPPED with your Programs / Packages DONE for you and ready to SELL.

How Does the
Business Academy Work?

The Business Academy training is broken into 6 modules, one a month! Each module contains easy to follow training videos, Mindset Moments, templates ready to use, resource lists, and homework to help you grow your business. All of your training is located on Academy EPIC’s private online dashboard and private Facebook group. You can view training at anytime and also have opportunities to connect with others and compare notes.

Business Course for Practitioners

Who this is for…

Review for Natural Health Business TrainingEntrepreneur Who Wants to Grow Their Business

Already running a (somewhat) successful practice?

Ready to STEP UP to the next level?

The EPIC Practitioner Business Academy will help you bridge the gap. You will solidify your niche and learn to market directly to your demographic.

Natural Health Business Training Reviews

Ambitious Practitioner

You have done all the schooling… you have all the certifications… you are extremely talented at what you do, but marketing has been a big frustrating struggle.

Whether you want to offer your services in a brick and mortar or be completely virtual, the Business Academy will make sure you get started the right way.

NOTE: You can start anytime, and join in the Live Sessions schedule that runs 2x a year.

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Who teaches the Practitioner Business Academy?

Practitioner Business Academy - Phase OneAngie Ates is a Public Speaker, a Natural Health Practitioner, a Full Mesa Shaman, a Trainer, & Culture Creator. Dedicated to Empowering and Equipping others, Angie Ates achieves this thru education in many forms.

She began her career in Corporate Executive Leadership for multi-store regions at the age of 25. This led to her role and accomplished skill-set of accountability & profitability for multi-store regions with over $40 million in annual revenues. Whether increasing sales, decreasing losses, or cultivating talent… she was always Empowering and Equipping her teams with Succession Planning programs.
This drive and success carried forward as she repurposed herself, after being diagnosed with multiple auto-immune diseases. Seeking answers she began her studies in natural medicine options and obtained the extensive certifications of Board Certified Naturopath, Board Certified Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner, and Master Herbalist.

Angie owned & operated three integrated profitable, 6-figure clinics and supported the care of over 5000 clients. Continuing to Empower and Equip herself, her studies continued in BioEnergetic Solutions and shamanic studies, as a Full Mesa Shaman. Finding the natural health education arena to be lacking, Angie Ates became the founder & CEO of Academy EPIC. Academy EPIC is an integrated natural health educational platform created by Practitioners for Practitioners. Academy EPIC was founded on the principles of Empowering and Equipping others; its’ programs hold accreditations, including internationally.

Angie Ates is an International speaker and has trained over 10K Practitioners worldwide. Featured in over 200 natural health training videos; her speaking focus is on integrating holistic disciplines with Passion, Purpose and Profit- The Trilogy Model of an EPIC Practitioner.