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The Business Academy Training Program is a sustainable , step-by-step roadmap to gain more clients and while expanding your impact through the 3 Phases of Business. Profitability. Scaling. Automation.

Business Academy for Natural Health Practitioners

Here is how we do it….

  • Experienced Professionals training you on what to do next in your Business.
  • A step-by-step roadmap to easily create profitable systems.
  • Clinical Blueprint for a meaningful life while scaling.
  • Optional, Live Support components to ensure your ability for Implementation of this life changing training.

How it works

STEP 1 : Begin the Niche Clarity Process.  We show you how to claim your niche with Purpose, Passion and Profit.  Once you determine your Niche you begin earning more income and helping more people.

STEP 2 :  Complete the easy and duplicatable template enabling you to speak Professionally about “what do you do”.  This is not listing off a plethora of Certifications, because quite frankly nobody cares or understands all your alphabet soup at this point of the relationship.

STEP 3 : Dive into your Market Research Project.  Leverage your resources of time and money by completing this blueprint in order to speak the language of your Client.  This “ahead of the rest” step will Double your Income!

STEP 4 : Now you know what your Clients are wanting, Create those Programs and Packages using your Market Research Surveys. With 65% of small businesses failing  within 10 years, this scaling method alone will keep you profitable, thus in a sustainable business model.

STEP 5 : The Sales Gig – Scaling & Automation

Step in to learning STEP 5 : The Sales Gig – Scaling & Automation. Whether you are creating lead magnets for sales funnels or overcoming objections in strategy sessions, these modules will elevate your Phase 2 & Phase 3 results.

By using the Signature Talk template, your next podcast, on stage speaking or virtual interview will put you at the top.

Business Planning


The Natural Health “newbie”. You have certifications and now are ready to turn Professional.  It is YOUR turn to get paid for your knowledge.

The Professional who wants to create sustainable income for your family.  You have been in business for a while and feel burned out and tired of being broke.

The Experienced Practitioner looking  to take your clinical practice to the next level.  Whether scaling via virtually or brick and mortar, you want a strategy that ensures the next level of success, while still having a personal life.

Why is the Business Academy Program Unlike
Any Other “Training” Program You’ve Experienced In the Past

Let’s talk about what the Business Academy Program is NOT:

  • Business Academy Program is NOT another course. Yes, there are loads of content and training, but at its heart, this is a strategic approach to ensuring you make a profit while making a Difference in your world.
  • Business Academy Program is NOT a one size fits all. We’ll start by building a custom Programs & Packages Strategy to leverage your resources and create income. When you have a template to follow, you are ahead of the competition.
  • Business Academy Program is NOT another theory based overview of what “should” be done.   Yes, you get templates, blueprints, playbooks and more, however, you are involved in  Information to Implementation training experiences.   These are reliable, evidence based steps to ensure a PROFIT from day one.

So if you have taken “courses” in the past and they have disappointed you with their surface level content or even the fact you could have “searched” the same information with the same frustrated outcome, then the Business Academy Program may be for you.

But while the Business Academy Program may be ideal for many, it certainly isn’t for everyone. If you are ready for something different, this is a “do the work” and “get the results” type of Program that you will be PROUD you completed.

Qualifications for Membership

To be a fit for this Clinical Business Training, there are a few boxes you’ll want to check:

You must have a passion for integrating and earning money while helping your clients. The goal is to empower you to stop giving away “free advice”. We want you to see your worth using our Credibility Crunch cheat sheet and then be confident to charge for your knowledge.

You must have the time set aside to implement. Do you have 3-5 hours per week set aside to actually implement the information that we train? If not, then you likely won’t find success with this, or any other program.

Take action today to grow your business and make a difference!

Most healthcare professionals lack formal or adequate training in order to be Career Ready. With this Clinical Business Training you receive the multi-dimensional view you need to feel confident as a Solo-Preneur or Team Director while creating financial stability. Expanding with the Phases as you become more efficient, and implementing the processes allows you to scale and automate with business partners.

More powerful information:

  • All the Modules are On Demand enabling you to go at your own pace.
  • All Training Materials included- your investment covers ALL material needed. Nothing EXTRA to buy! 
  • Depending on your time invested and previous experience in a natural health practice/office, the Business Academy program takes 6-12 months for guided completion.
  • With our Templates, Blueprints and RoadMaps you will be able to “pull it all together” and  create a profitable, scalable and automated business.
  • Unlimited and Encouraged use of ALL downloadable documents – provided our copyright maintains on the product. You save a considerable amount of your resources by having done-for- you resource materials. Have the tools you need immediately!  
  • We train you with tools, such as, Market Survey in order to speak the language of YOUR client – not some cookie cutter concepts.  All this and more Guarantees if you are willing to “do the work” you will create a more successful business.
  • Over 500 documents to support your successful practice.  From programs & packages templates, leveraging your time tools, roadmaps, checklists, lawyer friendly documents, binding contractor forms, and the step-by-step HOW TO earn profit immediately.
  • Over 40 video Instruction Hours- Avoid costly mistakes as we train you on 3 phases of business and WHY it matters.  Successful Guest Practitioners drop by to offer their wisdom on how to successfully navigate the Natural entrepreneur world….Experience…Priceless!

Breakthrough to Profit Training – You walk away with your Signature Talk done! and learn How your Signature Talk is a Game Changer for lead generation. You further learn the fascinating world of Conscious Communication and Confrontation guaranteed to eliminate the “stumbling of words” with your client or team.

Programs & Packages Training – Use our template formulas for an uncomplicated way to create Profitable Programs and Packages. Guaranteed to find “old” items to repurpose and leverage for sales.      

What Other Business Academy Members are saying…

Business Academy Details I joined because I am ready to go pro!

I wanted to follow and mirror someone that is successful and actually achieved the promise of 6 Figure Business. Not someone that just read a book or took a course and regurgitated the information.

Why reinvent the wheel! – Tammy G

What did I like the most about the program? Where to begin! I liked learning under someone who has been there, done that. Getting real life experience examples. Taking a hard look of what I want my business to look like, not what others want my business to look like. – Amy W

Amber KnickWow! The whole thing! I think this program over-delivered on the promise. I have been an entrepreneur for almost 25 years. I have been to and experienced A LOT of trainings and programs. I have NEVER felt so equipped to go forward with my dreams. Actually, it feels like my dreams finally have legs. That I will now walk out my dreams to help and serve others is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. This may sound over the top but I have been LONGING for this for so very long! – Amber K


Business Academy Details

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Business Academy Details
Business Academy Details

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Business Academy Details
Business Academy Details

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Business Academy Details

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