Imagine you could actually have access and work through an entire module that is part of your Professional training BEFORE you buy it.

Think of how much more time and energy you’d have to spend on learning the skills to create a successful practice instead of discovering “after the fact” you spent your family’s income on an organization that “sounded great” because you never got to really see how the program worked.

Perhaps you’d finally be able to take your Passion, or Hobby and turn it into an EPIC income earning career. You have the ability to make your own hours to fit around your family, or even be able to launch your business faster with the confidence and knowledge you will gain.

There’s only one problem.

Getting the formal training you desire, deserve and quite frankly investing in can be challenging.

After all, no other Natural Health Training organization offers you a “test drive” of their training in order for you to see the Value or in some instances the Truth.

Typically, finding out too late that your organization doesn’t educate to the level you need to be successful can be Thousands of dollars wasted…

That kinda has you wondering just what type of education do I need, so that I know “enough” to actually graduate and start earning income.

Fortunately, there’s an EPIC way to get a feel for the program, contents, instructor credibility and more.

With the Acne Module & Map sneak peek offer, you can for a tiny investment, check out a sample of how the program delivers it content, how you interface with it, and how relevant to success it is….We actually pulled this segment from our Symptoms & Solutions. This is part of our 50+ Symptoms &Solutions education in our Traditional Naturopath Doctor program.

With our New approach to natural health care training, you’ll get:

  • done-for-you maps to guide the client and yourself to the underlying organ system imbalances
  • an integrative approach to remedies..from DIY to botanical to homeopathy and more
  • our 4 pillar blueprint to create results driven, customize protocols
  • all this is yours for an unlimited amount of time. Allowing you to view, review and review again as needed
  • all supporting done for you client handouts are created for you to use..immediate implementation

It’s like having your own Dr. Lisa in your office.

Minus the $1000 expense of mentoring and repeated training.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our students have to say:

I really want to upgrade to a Traditional Naturopath Doctor. My current program is just reading a book and filling in a worksheet, but it isn’t helping me learn. I really enjoy the live interactions and trainings you offer thru your courses. And now I am ready to really learn from experts in their field.


Atlanta, GA

I am really interested in a Nutritionist program. I love the Health & Wellness Coach program because it has over 5 hours of nutrition and lifestyle education. What I have learned is you have to offer more than just some supplements and food choices, so your Motivational Interviewing questions are perfect for holding my clients accountable and helping them recognize their wins.


Roseville, CA

I have spent a lot of money on a Program that wasn’t more than what I could have researched online on my own. I found Academy EPIC through a friend and have forever been changed. I thought I chose the right school initially, but they did not know half of what the 20+ instructors at Academy EPIC teach. Thank You!


Cinncinati, Ohio

Maybe even after reading what our students and members think, you’re still on the fence.

That’s OK.

You could ignore this offer and continue…

… potentially spend lots of money on a program, that based solely on reviews and tenure of the company, does not provide enough real time, clinical training in order for you to open a successful practice

… wish your hobby could actually be a Profession of helping others while creating an income for you and your family.

… settle for “more modality” trainings versus at One Stop Shop to pull it all together, ultimately creating the Success Factor

Or, for just $27.00, you could use The Acne Module & Map and get…

  • a sneak peek of just how our training is EPICally relevant for implementational success
  • to take a “test drive” and save you thousands in training elsewhere that doesn’t fit your needs
  • usable done-for-you handouts to implement immediately
  • the training on the 4 pillar blueprint to ensure effective protocol creation
  • take your passion from Hobby to Professional in to an income producing reality

If you’re ready to have access and work through an entire module that is part of our Practitioner level training, you’ll want to take advantage of our special offer.

If you are serious about making a decision in what Natural Health Training program to invest in. This is your chance to “sneak peek” an actual module – the Acne Module & Map now.

Because we want to show you how EPIC we are, We are only offering this module at $27.00 for YOU for a limited time, this ensures the integrity of our offer…

Grab your copy of the Acne Module & Map today so you can Enjoy the Sneak Peek of quality we offer.


We make no promises or guarantees but we do know you will LOVE our accelerated learning methods and the depth of our content.