Greetings to you,

I began my natural health journey much like many of you. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As an executive in corporate America, I quickly re-purposed my life in order to save my life and allow me to be the mother to my children. I won’t belabor the journey here but do hope I can share the experience with you at a later time.

In the meantime… from my hart to yours:

As your founder, I am always amazed when I learn that persons with little experience or formal training in natural health are creating curriculums for training organizations by reading a book and submitting questions for you to answer.

Only about half the stack of our materials printed!

I make every attempt and intention to offer our courses/programs and Live Events “as it appears” mindset. I offer as many charts, e-books, scientific white papers and other great support material INCLUDED in your course work. WHY? Because if you are to be successful you need it NOW.

I hope you are thrilled that Professionals from many disciplines have come together to offer some of the most integrative and Realistic training available. This practical information can be used immediately. Ultimately that is WHY we get that little nudge to learn and apply instantly.

We pride ourselves on RESULTS. Results that change and save lives. Results with value added. We don’t claim to have over 50,000 graduates. That is not important to us.  We do care about the 50,000+ lives, that have been Positively Impacted, through our training and application model.  Academy EPIC is about RESULTS not graduates with little success rate.

We haven’t been around for 30 years teaching under the Academy EPIC umbrella, although, many of our professionals have been successfully practicing for at least that long.

About the Woman behind Academy EPIC: