Advanced Triangulation Program
for EPIC Protocols

Root Cause Differential

Triangulation 72b

What’s inside…

Module 1– How to use Biofeedback & other Useful Assessments – Dr. Katie Felt

Module 2– The use of Functional Blood Lab Panel Testing – FNP-BC Debbie Evans

Module 3– The use of Specialty Lab Testing – Dr Jeff Thomas

Module 4– The Clinical Blocks of Emotional / Energy Healing – Dr Karen Josephson

Module 5– How Pharmacology impacts the body- 8 Groups of Pharmaceuticals – FNP-BC Regina Jones

Module 6– The Final- Triangulation- Root Cause Differential – Dr. Katie Felt and Angie Ates

BONUS – Additional considerations when creating a results driven Wellness Plan

Module 1 – 3 part Series- Equipping the EPIC Practitioner with Dr. Lisa Holt

  1. Des Bio Symptom Series Kits & Detox Training
  2. System Symptoms Protocol Creation
  3. Case Study- Reality Basis- Triangulating

Module 2– Lyme & Co-Infections – Dr. Lisa Holt

Module 3 – TickBorne Diseases and Other Fallacies of Lyme indications, Integrating Botanicals, Homeopathies, Spiritual and the Mind – Dr. Katie Felt and Angie Ates

Module 4– Loads of Support documents, Decision Making Algorithm from a Western Medical View, Introduction to Homotoxicology, How to use Medicinal Seasonings, and more